If you’re going to take a hiatus, do it in Japan

Yep, that's a cartoon about  George R. R. Martin books.

No, those cave scratches are actually fragments of cartoon about George R. R. Martin books.

I’m back in Maesot, Thailand. Went over to Japan for the last three weeks, and though I brought my little drawing tablet, the only thing it accomplished was breaking it again. It still sort of works, bless its heart, but I experimented with honest-to-goodness paper and ink today, heaven help us. (It’s more of a blow to this project in development.)

As for lately, here’s a piece on AL.com, if you were wondering what I’ve been getting paid for lately. And I stretched my fiction muscle a little bit, just for fun.

Last night I had a killer interview with a freelancer named Jon Rosen, who writes from east Africa and is more or less Indiana Jones with a pen. Feature forthcoming, but for now, I’m suddenly all excited about writing about writing again.

So: I’ve decided to do something – maybe not a big, meaty feature, but something – at least once a week. Stay tuned.

And finally, I, in all seriousness, collect canned sardines. Wanna see my neeeew ones? 😀






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