The “A Rape on Campus” debacle upset me, but not because Sabrina Rubin Erdely will keep writing for Rolling Stone. It was a group failure, and they believe Erdely’s reputation and track record shows this to be a mistake, not a sign of basic incompetence.

A writer like me, however, would be a bug on their windshield. Gives me chills.

Anyway, the media has been tiptoeing around Jackie’s role in all this, reminding us that she isn’t to blame and leaving her harshest criticism for the Twitter-sphere. You’ve probably seen a quote or two’s Jessica Valienti’s column in the Gaurdian, which goes so far as to call Jackie a victim.

Jackie isn’t to blame; printing her story is on the ‘Stone. But what we’re seeing is a little shudder crawling up the industry’s back. It’s still radioactive to downplay sexual assault, yet statistics are being revisited, faculty and students are making noise and reports are emerging of wrongfully ruined young men. The media pushed the cart too far. It’s starting roll back, and it’s gonna be a nasty ride.

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