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Laura Barnett: The writer who hangs out with your favorite bands

I found Laura Barnett by her review of Fifty Shades of Grey for Britain’s Daily Telegraph. I was looking for a literary critic to help me improve my reading diet (which has lately contained unhealthy levels of detective wizards).Turned out, Laura … Continue reading

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The thrill

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Freelancer Jon Rosen: How to write like Indiana Jones

Jon travels to the pygmy homelands at a tense time in the Congo… Jon spends the night atop Nyiragongo, a mountain that, for all its beauty, remains an existential threat to… Jon travels to the Tanzanian hinterlands in search of … Continue reading

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A Study in Paper

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Gigi Douban part II: Three myths and why you shouldn’t be afraid to be awesome

Read the (less personal) part I with freelance writer Gigi Douban. I have a lameness complex. I think it came around because most of the amateur writing I encountered in school was a conga line of impalatable metafiction, self-indulgent personal … Continue reading

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Resume tips from a good editor, maniacal stylist

Carla Jean Whitley, managing editor of Birmingham magazine and my former boss when I was an intern there, takes a certain, brutal pleasure in resumes. In fact, I suspect she took on an adjunct professorship at the University of Alabama … Continue reading

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